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Introducing Our Founder


Hello & congratulations on being curious. 

I am a mum, Founder of two companies and disruptor in the field of coaching. 

​I know all too well the challenges that come with juggling multiple priorities in life. At times I have found myself caught up in the uncertainty of where to focus my attention, which leads to the ultimate enemy of 'Procrastination' creeping in.

I am passionate about helping people simplify their day and become their best self. I have developed a philosophy called 'To Day List' that tackles the global challenge we all face;

'too much to do, and never enough time'.  

We help disrupt the unproductive rituals and unhealthy habits that no longer serve us.

We have created simple techniques that allow you to re-focus our attention and re-gain your energy.

We know that your time is precious, so we are all about efficiency.

We have even coined our own term, introducing the 'Effectionist'. Intended to eliminate the Perfectionist tendencies within us all and elevate humanity as a collective. 

​My vision is to create a Tribe of like-minded people, who focus their energy & attention each day to achieve productive healthy rituals and routine, life balance and a sense of inner calm. 


We all have 24hours in a day. The difference between achieving success or standing idle, is being clear on how you spend your time. The choices we make each day help us move toward our goals, or away from them. 

Stop accepting that out of control feeling and start reframing your day with better choices.

Book in a Zoom call, to find out more. 


Thank you for supporting the vision & Welcome to the Tribe.

Natalie Jane. 

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